Meet Gina Kloes

Former Corporate Attorney and Chief Financial Officer for a financial services firm, Gina Kloes is a Game Changer, Peak Performance Strategist and Award Winning Author. Gina has over 30 years of international experience training, educating and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and business teams through her high intensity live events, immersive online trainings and focused one on one mentoring.

Her signature Game Changer Program has been one of the top rated programs at many entrepreneurial and executive programs where she takes you on a transformational, unconventional, and immersive journeys to supercharge your performance. 

Gina’s strategies and insights take you on a deep dive to breakthrough all that holds you back from the business, relationships and life you deserve and want.  She has a keen ability to simplify complex issues and help you create the roadmap for your future. Known by those who work with her as the "Game Changer", Gina has the natural ability to inspire her audience to action while creating energy, depth and new perspectives in their business.  Her diverse professional background brings a wealth of wisdom and practical advice for getting you to the next level of success and joy in life!

In 2016, Gina’s book What’s Your Magical Moment? (published by Morgan James Publishing) won the National Indie Excellence Award for Motivation. She is a lead educator at the exclusive entrepreneurial program at Silicon Valley’s Draper University of Heroes educating entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world.  Gina is also an international trainer & instructor for Tony Robbins teaching the psychology of leadership and peak performance at his various events.   She has traveled the world extensively and has years of experience successfully teaching and coaching numerous people on a wide array of issues dealing with business, relationships, family, wealth, finances and careers. Gina is a certified practitioner in the areas of Neurolinguistics (NLP) and Time-Line Therapy.

She has been featured on ABC Family TV & the Lifetime Cable Channel. Gina continues to be a guest on numerous radio shows nationwide and is also a regular guest on the national program Daybreak USA.

As a Vedic Master Educator for Deepak Chopra she also teaches Perfect Health, Primordial Sound Meditation & Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. Her 21 day Chill Out to Create & Innovate Program provides entrepreneurs, executives and business teams with a simple consistent way to incorporate stress relief and mindfulness into their daily lives. For many years she has also lectured to community groups, schools and other educational institutions on issues related to creating healthy and happy relationships, identifying relationship abuse and ending domestic violence. She has been a California lawyer for over 27 years and practiced law with the San Francisco law firm Farella, Braun & Martel where she specialized in working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies in Silicon Valley. Gina received her J.D. from the Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley.

A note from Gina...

As an inspired Educator, Speaker & Author, I have taught all over the world. I have the honor of being a Vedic Master and certified instructor for the Chopra Center (founded by Deepak Chopra, MD, a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine) teaching meditation, yoga and wellness. I am an instructor for Draper University of Heroes (founded by Silicon Valley icon, Tim Draper) an internationally recognized school for leadership teaching entrepreneurs from around the world. I have been the lead facilitator for the Anthony Robbins Foundation Making Strides Program. I host retreats around the world for extraordinary women, inspired entrepreneurs and anyone seeking more joy and meaning in life. I am also a certified practitioner in the areas of Neurolinguistics (NLP) and time-line therapy.


My mission in life is to give people specific tools that they can use right now in their business, relationships and life that will lead them to even more joy, energy, excitement and passion for all aspects of their life.


I have over 25 years combined experience as a Chief Financial Officer for a financial services firm and a San Francisco business attorney serving entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business. I am a serial entrepreneur and have started several ventures including a multi state real estate investment firm.

Mother of 5

Like you, I juggle many balls each day.  I am the mother of five children each connected constantly to their cell phones, technology and their friends, doing what children do, each on their own journey in life yet we are all unified as a family.


I am also married to the man of my dreams after going through a challenging divorce and finally discovering real love in my life. Despite many of my joys, I have experienced first hand how this fast paced modern technologically advanced world can create pressure in our body, strain in our mind, and stress in our life. Like many of you, I was taught that to be happy we have to constantly do more, have more and be more. I know how stress feels, but I found a way out. I found a way out to feel more peace, energy and joy, than I could have ever imagined. Now, each day, I experience true gratitude and know how to enjoy the magical moments in my life!


Like many of you, everywhere I turn, I see people on cell phones, laptops and other technology. People rarely look up to actually talk to one another. Sadly, many family dinners are spent answering calls and texting rather than sharing stories and building memories. Beyond the virtual technology of the modern world, real life passes many of us by. Beyond this hectic, fast-paced, demanding life, there is a place and time where we can pause, find meaning, get clarity, experience joy and rediscover experiences that illuminate our life. I call these our magical moments. In my book,“What’s Your Magical Moment?”

You will find a way to reconnect with the magic in your life and lead your family for moments away from their technology back to what is really important in life. Come, let me take you there