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Smiles are compelling and laughter is magenetic because people want and need to laugh .

Smiles are compelling and laughter is magenetic because people want and need to laugh.

Will Laugh for Cash

Smiles are compelling. Laughter is magnetic. That’s probably why comedy makes more than $300 million per year in the US! 

People want to laugh. People need to laugh.


Success Without Fun

For many people, a “successful” business venture or job comes with a high price tag. Long hours at work, tight deadlines, skipped meals, a constant barrage of emails and text messages. Add this to struggles with finances, relationships, politics, or other issues, and life can be filled with chronic stress.



Chronic stress can make life miserable while chipping away at physical, mental, and emotional health. When under extended stress, our bodies are just not that effective: clouding our focus, disrupting creativity, and blocking the joy that desperately wants to break into our lives.  


Laugh It Off

Or, we can stand up to stress, laugh in its face, and succeed and step into our inspiration and creativity.

Laughter and some specific techniques to chill out can counteract stress. The best news is that laughter is a freebie. It’s contagious. And it’s perfect for sharing. Laughter can change everything!

Check out the YouTube videos at the end of this article to laugh it off!

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Age Old Medicine

For decades, scientists and researchers have studied the impact that laughter has on the body and brain. It’s all good news!


Think About Laughing

Just the anticipation of laughter can reduce stress hormones and promote positive brain/body balance. Laughter can also increase the production of growth hormones, reducing stress and offering a buffet of other positive health benefits.

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A Laugh a Day

Laughter has been shown to decrease the amount of anxiety, stress, and depression in people with chronic illness. Not only that, but our quality of life exponentially increases when we make laughter part of each day.


Boosts Creativity

Endorphins released during laughter can create even more creativity and imagination. The more you surround yourself with laughter and joy, the more likely you are to find your inner inspiration.



Have you ever lost your keys or forgotten an important appointment?  Stressful – right? Laughter can improve memory and increase cognitive brain function, putting the mind into productive gear.


Live Longer

Want to live longer? Just laugh! One study shows that people who engage in laughter therapy have an extended life expectancy.


Prompts Healing

Science shows that people who laugh experience a boost of energy followed by a period of muscle relaxation and decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. All of this promotes healing in the body and mind!


A Moment to Laugh

You don’t necessarily need outside sources in order to find an inner chuckle. Even if you aren’t an aspiring comedian, you can find ways to laugh. Consider these sources of inspiration for humor:

Funny Memories. Think about past funny experiences. Start a humor journal to write down funny things that happen or jokes you’ve heard and read it when you need a good laugh.

Current Life Situations. Respond to life with a laugh. Getting toilet paper stuck on your shoe and dragging it through the office can be stressful or funny. If you decide to laugh, others will laugh with you.

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Fake Laughter. Did you know that laughter doesn’t have to be completely genuine in order to be effective? Faking a laugh offers the same health benefits as “real” laughter. Plus, if you fake laugh a few times, it will probably become truly funny and you’ll continue on with genuine laughter.

Funny Resources. Whether it’s a joke-a-day app on your phone or watching a favorite comedian on YouTube, find something you think is funny and dip into it for a few minutes daily. Don’t think of it as wasting time –remember that laughter is healthy!

Laughter Therapy. For people who are unable to find a funny friend or engage in other forms of amusement, laughter therapy is an option. Find a Laughter Club in your area that focuses on laughter as physical exercise. It’s great for the brain and the body! There are even Laughter Yoga classes!

If stress is getting in the way of your life, focus and creativity, then laughter truly may be the very best medicine.

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Check out these YouTube videos to laugh it off!


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Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs become GAME CHANGERS by incorporating strategic mindful techniques in their Businesses, their Relationships, and their Lives.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, Gina is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating mindful lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.

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