Focus. Aim. Hit the Target.


It could save your business…

Gina Kloes
Keynote Speaker, Leadership & Mindfulness Expert, Entrepreneur Mentor

The Bullseye.
Imagine you are holding a bow & arrow and you must hit the bullseye - your business depends on it.

The Distractions.
Unfortunately everything around you distracts you…

  • You put down the bow to deal with all the noise.

  • You can’t aim because so many things block your view.

  • You get ready to release the bow and someone taps you for attention.

  • You can’t focus because you continue to think about what happened yesterday.  You worry about tomorrow and your mind becomes heavy with the endless to-do lists.

  • After a while the target becomes blurry and you are not sure where you should be focus.

  • You finally give up, put down the bow, forget the target and give in to all the distractions.

  • You get so frustrated you lash out at everyone and tell them all to STOP.

  • When that becomes too stressful you temporarily escape to avoid it all.

What’s Possible.
Imagine living a life where the distractions are all still there but you calmly pick up the bow & arrow, clearly see the target, pull back on the bow, aim and hit the bullseye.

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Your ability to focus just like this is a crucial key to your business success.

The Good News.
Right now, you can learn how to calmly flow through those distractions, turn down the volume of the noise inside and outside your mind. With that out of the the way, you can focus, aim, and hit your targets.

The Answer.
Chill Out. Meditate.  

You might be thinking, “I can’t sit crossed legs and hold my hands in those funny positions. It’s too weird. It’s just a fad.”

Ancient to Modern Times
Well, that fad has been around for thousands of years and all of us in the modern world are just now catching up. There is endless research proving that even simple meditation sessions significantly improve focus.

The Research.
One recently published study found remarkable results. Two groups of people attended 4 sessions. One group had mediation training and the other group did not.  The participants in the meditation group demonstrated better moods, even better verbal and nonverbal reasoning and a greater capacity to retain and process information in their heads.

In our fast paced technologically advanced world, anyone in business needs to think and act quickly, process multiple bits of information simultaneously, and determine where to focus and what to let go.

The Practice
Simple mindfulness and meditation practices each day can help you clear the clutter of distraction, and become a master at focusing, aiming and hitting the target!

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If just four sessions improved the participants above, imagine what a brief daily practice could do for you!

Join our free entrepreneur 5 day chill out challenge.  In just 5 days, you will experience the calm, focus, and peace that will have you being a business buddha in just days!

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Be Well, Be Joyful, Be Inspired…
Have a Beautiful Day…


Gina Kloes

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Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs become GAME CHANGERS by incorporating strategic mindful techniques in their Businesses, their Relationships, and their Lives.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, she is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating mindful lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.

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