Gina’s Mindful Moments: Higher Thinking Activated!

What the heck is meditation?

As an entrepreneur why should I care?

We live in a fast paced technologically advanced world. We’re constantly go go go. And amidst that, many of us feel stress, overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion, and we give a lot. We give a lot of our bodies and our minds to build businesses for the future, and yet that stress impacts our ability to think clearly and to feel good and energized to do the work that we need to do.

So while people think meditation is a brand new fad, in fact its a 5000 year old fad. And those ancient vedic sages were really on to something when they knew that the power of meditation can change a life.

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So here’s a couple of quick things: Meditation actually helps you think better, it activates a part of your brain-the higher thinking part of your brain. Because when we are stressed all the time its our lower thinking brain that gets activated. That stress part of the brain that doesn’t allow for creativity, for focus, for innovation.

Just a couple of deep breaths everyday, will help calm the stress in your body and your mind and activate that higher thinking part of your brain.

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So I'll see you in the higher thinking realm after you take a couple of deep breaths.

Give it a try and let me know how you did in the comments!

Be Well, Be Joyful, Be Inspired…
Have a Beautiful Day…


Gina Kloes


Focus . . . Create . . . Innovate . . .


Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs become GAME CHANGERS by incorporating strategic mindful techniques in their Businesses, their Relationships, and their Lives.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, Gina is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating mindful lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.

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