Gina's Mindful Moments: Healthy Sex Life Activated

I am an entrepreneur, why should I care about meditation especially when it has to do with sex?

Here’s the deal…..

We all work so hard!
We live in this fast paced world!
We’re go go go!
We’re overwhelmed!
We’re stressed!
We’re frustrated!

What to do?!
Why will meditation help?

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Well frankly, what happens when you’re stressed is your body suppresses your sexual hormones. It’s no wonder why there is so much viagra out there now, so many ads about sexual dysfunction and so many fertility challenges!

We live in a stressful world, so what do we do?

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We need to calm that stress, re-balance our body, let our sexual hormones flow through us so when the time comes for us to have sex we can enjoy it. Have it be a fulfilling, exciting, restful and beautiful experience that will energize us for the future rather than creating even more stress.

So you want to work on your sex life, you want to feel better, you want to feel balanced? Take a few deep breaths, meditate for one minute.

You’ll enjoy your sex life more.
You’ll enjoy work more.
You’ll enjoy life more.

A little meditation.
A lot better sex.

Be Well, Be Joyful, Be Inspired…
Have a Beautiful Day…


Gina Kloes

Focus . . . Create . . . Innovate . . .


Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs become GAME CHANGERS by incorporating strategic mindful techniques in their Businesses, their Relationships, and their Lives.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, Gina is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating mindful lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.

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