6 Steps To Accelerated Action


What’s a game changer?

The game changers in life don’t just play the game of life, they change it completely.

I’m here to give you some tips and strategies so YOU can be a game changer in your business, in your relationships and in your life.

To achieve anything in life you have to take action, you have to get moving and you have to get started. You need to be first out of the box and first across that finish line.

Here are 6 steps to take accelerated action to achieve your goals and your dreams.

STEP 1: Get Clear & Specific About What You Want To Achieve

You don’t want to be chasing a moving target and you don’t want to be working your way through the fog. You have to know what you want. For example, people say “Gina, I want more money” so I say “Ok cool, here’s ten bucks. You’ve just made more money!” You’re probably saying no you want MORE money. You need to be specific about what you want!

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STEP 2: Stop The Talk & Start The Walk

We’ve all heard the phrase “talk is cheap” and yes it is. When you’re yacking you’re not getting anything done. Turn everything off and get to work. Get something done. Stop the distractions and work. Taking one step and deciding to move forward is not that hard. Take action. No one is going to deliver your dreams to your doorstep. You need to make it happen!

STEP 3: Obliterate Your Stories and Excuses

Tony Robbins one of my great mentors teaches all of us - the only thing preventing you from having everything you want in life is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it. “I don’t have the money.” Remember that Steve Jobs started out in his garage. The only thing you’re lacking is resourcefulness, not resources. Figure it out! Get resourceful. “ I don’t have the time.” You have the same amount of time as every other successful person in this world. The same 24 hours. You need to get rid of the stories, break through them!

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STEP 4: Know How Bad You Want It

How bad do you really want this dream? Is it just a cute idea or a hobby? We all have a dream, we all have a desire to do something. What’s yours? Contrast that burning dream, with this utter nightmare - you being in your old age, looking back on your younger self wondering why you didn’t take action, why you didn’t take that first step.

STEP 5: Take Accelerated Action

That means doing something right now. Finish this blog and do one thing that you need to get done today. Move forward toward your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s one small thing or one big thing just do it now. Take accelerated action. That means right now - not next week, not tomorrow - right now. There is a great proverb that says “Be not afraid of moving slowly be only afraid of standing still.” Once you start, even slowly, you are going to gain traction, you are going to gain momentum and its going to feel SO GOOD!

STEP 6: Celebrate Your Progress

YAY! I did something! The other day my husband walked in while I was filming some videos for my Youtube channel and heard me saying “YAY GINA! You did something great! YAY!” And he started laughing. I explained that I was celebrating my progress because it feels GOOD! Progress, comes in all forms. I even celebrate my bloopers! Even a blooper is progress because that means I am taking action. Every time I mess up on a video I tell myself I am so adorable and I get better for the next time. Always celebrate your progress!

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Be Well, Be Joyful, Be Inspired…
Have a Beautiful Day…

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Gina Kloes

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Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

Gina Kloes, founder of InnerTech & the creator of The Mindful Entrepreneur Program.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs become GAME CHANGERS by incorporating strategic mindful techniques in their Businesses, their Relationships, and their Lives.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Lead Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, Gina is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating mindful lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.

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