The 3 Questions to Find a Solid Executive Coach

By Gina Kloes - Game Changer, Peak Performance Expert & Award Winning Author

Our greatest athletes and entrepreneurial icons know that you can’t do it all yourself.  Success is a team sport and the most successful people seek mentoring and coaching from people with the expertise and wisdom to guide them, give them new perspectives, help them see blind spots in their business and their lives. 

Executive mentoring is not for everyone. It is really only for those entrepreneurs who are truly ready to put the time in and do the work necessary for real success.  This is not for the faint of heart and success takes grit. If someone tells you otherwise, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

Here is the challenge: there are so many people out there calling themselves “life coaches” or “business coaches.” 

How can you sift through the amateurs and find the real deal?

When hiring a business coach, research and ask three things:

  1. Ask how long have they been coaching and who have they successfully coached. Ask for references and call them!  If you don’t get a solid reference that makes sense and gives you specific reasons why the coach was great, stop there and start looking again.
  2. Ask what qualifies them to be a coach. If they just finished an online course to be a coach - run for the hills.  Your time is your greatest asset and if you are going to put the time in to hire a coach, trust their guidance and follow through with specific action steps.   Don’t be used as a guinea pig for new coaches. Acting on bad advice can damage your business, affect you personally or make things worse. 
  3. Ask about their personal experience in business?  It may seem like an odd question, but ask if they have ever been in business and then ask specifically about their successes and learnings. Sometimes our greatest learnings come from our failures and then getting up and learning from our mistakes.  Most success people have had failures and challenges, yet that hasn’t stopped their ultimate success! Has the coach you are interviewing lived and breathed this experience?  I find it ridiculous that people who have never faced the real challenges in businesses then try to coach other people. Seriously?

If you get past these three questions and the coach has time for you in their successful busy schedule, you are closer to finding the right person. Take responsibility and stand guard to the gate of your mind. Only allow in those people who have a proven track record and can show solid results!