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The Ultimate Mind Hack: 7 Steps to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

This 7-step system is the result of the last 35 years of Gina’s work, research and career as an executive peak performance expert, .  Research and practical experience demonstrates that success in 80% psychology and only 20% skills and strategy.  But here’s the challenge -  most people spend most of their time creating a plan and a list of action items. But, they spend little time, if any, creating a mindset to achieve that plan.   In this training, you will go on a deep dive exploring your own mindset and determine whether right now you are wired for success or failure.  

Chill Out to Focus, Create & Innovate: 21 Days to Unleash the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You

Running a business can be stressful. Many people think entrepreneurs are wired with grit to work long hours, take risks and change the world.  Yet research shows that entrepreneurs have more burnout, stress and depression related illnesses.  All of this can destroy a business, affect the health of the founder and disintegrate a team. What’s the antidote?  For starters, chilling out.

As Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This simple 21 day training opens your mind for more innovation and creativity while increasing your health and vitality right now!  Starting with just one minute a day you will be on your way to enjoying kick ass success and real happiness.


High Trust Effective Leadership: The 3 Critical Levels of Leadership Mastery

Success is a team sport. Are you a real leader or just a boss?  Leadership is one of those words thrown around but often times overlooked as a practice.  Effective leadership requires specific skills beyond hard work, risk taking, and a great vision.  Here is the secret: You don’t choose to be a leader.  People choose to follow you.  In this program, you will learn how to achieve the 3 critical levels of high trust effective leadership to successfully lead your team to victory.