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Gina Kloes
International Speaker - Award Winning Author


Leadership - Mindset - Mindfulness

Gina Kloes, founder of Inner Tech, is a Game Changer, Leadership Expert, & Peak Performance Strategist.

She ignites the entrepreneurial spirit, unleashes passion and accelerates success for entrepreneurs, executives and teams around the globe.

As an international thought leader, Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tony Robbins Trainer & Deepak Chopra Vedic Master Educator, she is a catalyst for exponential leadership, massive joy and creating lives and business enterprises we are proud to pass on to future generations.


A portion of all of the proceeds from Gina’s live & online programs will be used to provide game changing entrepreneurial education, open life changing opportunities, & unlock the world changing genius of underserved youth and communities worldwide.

Gina has over 30 years of international experience training, educating and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and business teams through her high intensity live events, immersive online trainings and focused one on one mentoring.  She takes you on transformational, unconventional, and immersive journeys to supercharge your performance.  Her strategies and insights take you on a deep dive to breakthrough all that holds you back from the business, relationships and life you deserve and want.  She has a keen ability to simplify complex issues and help you create the roadmap for your future. Known by those who work with her as the "Game Changer", Gina has the natural ability to inspire her audience to action while creating energy, depth and new perspectives in their business.  Her diverse background as a personal development expert, former business attorney and CFO for a financial firm, brings a wealth of wisdom and practical advice for getting you to the next level of success and joy in life!


If you want to get to the next level of success, unleash your creative and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, and have a roadmap to get there, then take a deep dive into our Game Changer Online Trainings today!

Unconventional, immersive, and life changing, Gina brings her 30 years of expertise, wisdom and practical advice to take her audience on a journey to breakthrough to success!  Be ready for anything!

Catch Gina if you can at these live events in cities around the world. Join her in a myriad of international destinations for a journey of transformation, energy, success & utter joy!


Get ready for life changing breakthroughs, outrageous joy & unleashed energy

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"Gina is an inspiring coach & thought leader."
- Christine Souffrant, Forbes 30 Under 30


What people are saying!

"Gina Kloes creates magical moments. Her programs are transformative. She inspires and focuses the minds and emotions of everyone she touches. At Draper University, Gina is a catalyst for creative innovative leadership for our students. We have been working with her for 21 sessions over 7 years and she has become essential to our school. "

                            – Tim Draper, Silicon Valley Venture Capital Icon, Founder of DFJ

“Gina's Game Changer program is one of our highest rated programs. She connects with any attendees at the deepest level in such a short time, helping them leverage their strengths, overcome weaknesses and truly transform their leadership skills and their lives.” 

– Andy Tang - Managing Director, Draper Dragon Venture Capital Fund, CEO Hero City & Draper University


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