Ho'Oponopono Mandala

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8" x 8" Gallery Wrap Enhanced Giclee Canvas
This mixed media painting was created by Gina Kloes using acrylics, and has been hand embellished with crystals.

The Ho’Oponopono Ritual

Ho’oponopono is a simple ancient healing and forgiveness ritual that will heal your heart and cleanse your world.  At the core this prayer is the concept of total responsibility, for your own actions and also everyone else’s.  You create the space to be a strong healing presence for your life and everyone in your world.  Through the process, you will also be healed.

The 4 simples phrases are:

  • I’m Sorry,

  • Please Forgive Me,

  • Thank You,

  • I Love You

Recite these phrases multiple times a day to open and cleanse the space for miracles…


The Mandala

In Sanskrit Mandala means circle and it is so much more.  Mandalas represent wholeness, the circle of life, and our relationship to the infinite. The circular shape symbolizes unity, harmony and our life’s journey as a full circle together - beginning, middle and end, acknowledging that we are all connected. Circular mandala imagery appears in the universe, the planets, nature, our bodies, and in all aspects of our material and nonmaterial world.  Conceptual circles also arise in friendships, communities and families. Mandalas are a model for unity in our inner world and our outer universe.


Integrating Mandalas & Ho’oponopono

Now more than ever, our world needs leadership, healing and unity. Through combining the concepts of the ancient tradition of mandalas and the healing power of the Ho’oponopono, my wish for this world is that we find a place of compassion, understanding, non-judgment, gratitude and love…

For me, whether it’s educating entrepreneurs, teaching a spiritual practice, or leading a group through painting their own mandalas, my hope and dream is to inspire the love and connection we all share through our minds, our bodies and our spirits…

I believe that art and love can often express what words cannot…