What's a Mastermind?

Mastermind groups are an extremely effective and efficient way to brainstorm, innovate, collaborate and create peer accountability for actions toward specific targets and goals. These groups sharpen your personal and business skills in a private setting where each mastermind member is committed both to group success and personal achievement.

The members of each group challenge each other to set impactful and powerful goals. More importantly, there is group energy to help each other accomplish these goals. Everyone commits to a confidential environment and being willing to receive and give advice, ideas and support.

Individuals in each group learn about creating an atmosphere of honest, compassion and respect, while at the same time holding each other accountable for committed actions and progress.

Gina and her team facilitate team masterminds for entrepreneurs, executive teams and individual start up founders who want to connect with peers to support their individual success.

Your Mastermind or Gina’s elite Success Mastermind Peer Groups

What happens in a Mastermind Group.

  • Tap into the brainpower of a group.  

  • Receive expert guidance to formulate and design your own outcomes in business and life. These outcomes should be specific, measurable and align with your life.

  • Raise your standards in your group’s one-on-one monthly private coaching session with your mastermind facilitator.

  • Participate in live monthly private online group mastermind sessions exclusively for your mastermind group to share progress, learnings, support, insight and so much more!

  • Learn from exclusive sessions with experts in various fields of business and life.

  • Delve into your own mindset, brainstorm with your mastermind peers, process feedback and ideas, collaborate, learn, grow, inspire, accelerate results and change the game in your life!

Your Own Mastermind Group

You can create your own mastermind group.  We recommend you limit it to no more than 8 people.  The ideal number is 4 to 6 to make sure everyone has a chance to share at each monthly meeting.

Gina’s Elite Success Mastermind Peer Groups.

You can also join one of Gina’s elite Success Mastermind Peer Groups. Membership to these groups are ongoing.  Once a mastermind group is formed, your initial commitment is 6 months.

For those all in for Gina’s mastermind - here are the rules of game:

  • Each mastermind group is limited to 6 extraordinary people all who work together as a team sharing wins, learnings and more!

  • Each mastermind session continues for 6 months and all 6 participants commit upfront to this 6 month program. Everyone works together toward each individual's success through group wisdom and individual action!

  • We interview each participant to confirm your commitment to the process and your group. These mastermind groups are only for those fully committed to raising their standards and taking massive action for success! Be ready right now!

Time To Get Your Game On...

We are committed to your success and if you are completely committed to getting to the next level of success!  Join us for an extraordinary experience.  We are here are to support your journey.