Powerhouse.  Wealth Wizard.  Game Changer. 


Gina Kloes


Have you ever said, "I wish I could truly master my money and create the life of my dreams?"

Meet Gina Kloes.

She is a wealth wizard and money mentor who will teach you how to take charge, master your money, and create a life where you say, "WOW. My life rocks!"



Our world needs great leaders. To break through to extraordinary leadership requires grit, passion, innovation, and a commitment to something beyond oneself.

From overcoming broken bones to living a breakthrough life, Gina lives and breathes her motto: "YES, I CAN." Whether her audience consists of entrepreneurs on Richard Branson's Necker Island, gang leaders in the hood, startups in remote villages in Africa, an ABC television audience, or executives and elite startup teams in Silicon Valley.



Gina's credentials as a serial entrepreneur, peak performance expert, business lawyer, and chief financial officer won't tell the whole story: she focuses on doing good, and she knows that if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Her word is her bond, and her joy lies in showing people how to break through to their true destiny.

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LinkedIn: Gina Kloes
Instagram: @ginakloes
Facebook: Magical Moments with Gina


Gina Kloes is a Kick Ass Game Changer Leadership Expert, Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker & Multi Award Winning Author of, “What’s Your Magical Moment?”. 

She ignites the entrepreneurial spirit, unleashes passion and accelerates success for entrepreneurs, executives and teams around the globe. Gina brings decades of experience, wisdom & energy to her audiences and clients through her unique interactive out-of-the-box style!

Gina has a passion for entrepreneurship which ignites the energy in her unconventional out-of-the-box programs. She continues to super charge her audience with the enthusiasm and wisdom to breakthrough to their dreams and success in business, relationships and life. Over the past 25 years, Gina has traveled the world as a keynote speaker & program facilitator at numerous corporations, entrepreneurial programs, educational institutions, and communities on leadership, success & creating the life of your dreams.  



In 2016, Gina’s book What’s Your Magical Moment? (published by Morgan James Publishing) won the National Indie Excellence Award for Motivation. In 2018, she won the Independent Press Award. 



In addition to her entrepreneurial events around the world, she is an educator at the exclusive entrepreneurial program at Draper University of Heroes educating entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world to be game-changers in their industry. Gina’s Game Changer Program was featured on the ABC Family Show Startup U. She is a lead trainer & facilitator for Tony Robbins & Robbins Research International. She has also taught entrepreneurs and executives at the Entrepreneur’s Paradise program on Richard Branson’s Necker Island.


A message from Gina:

What my fancy bio above doesn’t tell you:


I am heartbroken by hatred, violence, and injustice. 

I stand up for the underdog. 

I live my truth. 

I share my wisdom. 


My unique story: I never went to college but did graduate from the University of California at Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law, one of the nation’s top 10 law schools. 

I went on to become a successful business lawyer for startup entrepreneurs & wealth wizard - all because I live and say, “YES I CAN!” 

You can live a “Yes I Can Life” too.

Come let me take you there.