Have You Ever Been Scammed?

I know it’s easy to dismiss scams as something that mainly happens to other people who aren’t careful, but scammers are becoming increasingly savvy.

So let’s talk about what we can do to protect ourselves from scams. 

It is important to check your accounts frequently for accuracy. Don’t wait for your bank to flag something suspicious. Keep track of your charges by checking your accounts at least once a week. 

Have a plan for what you will do if your identity is stolen. Who do you need to contact? How do you prove who you are? 

If you have a money manager, make sure you are looking over their work carefully. Many people give their accounts, and trust, to a money manager without thinking about it. While most money managers are honest and hard-working, not all of them are. Keep tabs on how they are investing and managing your money. 


I don’t think we need to spend our days fearing for our money, we are lucky to live in an age where most of our accounts can be reimbursed if there is fraud. 

However, we do still need to pay attention to our money and take steps to keep it protected. 

That is part of managing our money well. 

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