Three Rules in Life

Before I had children, I had a sign on my desk that said, there are three rules in life.

The first one is to be kind,
the second one is to be kind, and
the third one is to be kind.

It's all about being kind.

Nelson Mandela was once asked, 'how do we change the world?' his response, 'one single act of kindness at a time.'

Now it's easy to be kind when everybody's being kind to you, everybody's nice and everybody's doing things the way you want, that's easy kindness.


Here's my challenge for you, for the next 24 hours, just be kind.

No matter what situation you are presented with I challenge you to respond with complete and utter kindness.

Someone does something unkind or mean, respond with kindness.
Someone has a different political view than you do, respond with kindness.
Someone disagrees with you, respond with kindness.

Kindness, it's the answer.

Acts of kindness create a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthier life.

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Be Well, Be Joyful, Be Inspired…
Have a Beautiful Day…

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