The basic rule of growing money is simple... Make your money work for you. The reality is more complex. 

I know you’ve heard the advice 

  • Invest 15% of your income each and every month

  • Cut back your spending or you won’t be rich 

  • Give your money to a financial planner... they know what to do


That advice is easy to give because it’s vague, uninspired, and easy to back out of if something goes wrong. 

So what if we cut the vague advice and instead I teach you how millionaires invest their money? 

That sounds pretty good right!

Stop wasting your time guessing what to do and take action to grow your wealth!


Join me LIVE for - Invest Like A Millionaire



Invest Like a Millionaire is a 4 part group coaching course that will teach you all about investing, growing your wealth,
and achieving Financial Freedom. 



 Here’s what you’ll learn by the end of this course

  • The 7 MISTAKES to avoid before investing in anything - knowing these will save you thousands and help you build a strong investment portfolio

  • How to create a UNIQUE INVESTMENT PLAN - everyone has different levels of initial investment funds, risk, and availability. I’ll show you how to create your own plan that works for YOU, so you can quickly and steadily build your wealth. 

  • What the CRYPTO CRAZE is - and why learning about it now could potentially set you (and your future generations) up for financial success.

  • How to talk about the TOUGH MONEY ISSUES and the PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY AND RELATIONSHIPS affect each other. 

How to create a Financial & Emotional Freedom Plan - I’ll show you HOW TO GAIN FINANCIAL AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, let go of the past and live with ease in all areas of your life.




  • You’ll get lifetime access to all of the replays inside of your membership area! If you have to miss a live session, or you want to rewatch it, you can access it 24/7 online. 

  • Plus - I’ll add bonus training videos and worksheets that will be available exclusively in the membership area. 


  • The Sunday & Tuesday after each live session I’m offering a LIVE get it done Q&A session. Spend time with me working through your plan, asking any questions and getting support. 

  • If you don’t have any questions, you can still show up to work through your weekly homework and GET IT DONE!


  • LEARN, GROW & SHARE with a community of wealth warriors all on their path to FINANCIAL & EMOTIONAL FREEDOM in our Facebook Group! 

  • This is a supportive, real group. We share our wins, work through our setbacks and hold each other accountable in our journeys to Financial Freedom.  


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BONUS #1 Financial Freedom Guide 

Learn how to stick to your financial goals and hit your financial targets every time! Learn why so many people struggle with keeping a plan and how you can avoid falling into your old money habits. 


BONUS #2 The Invest Formula 

Printable checklist to help you decide if an investment is the right move for you. Work through each step of this easy to follow checklist and make sure the investment you’re about to make is the right one for you! 


BONUS #3  Emotional Freedom Power Phrase Printable 

Print out a custom power phrase to put up in your office, bathroom or journal. Remind yourself every day of who you are, and what goal you’re working on. A visual reminder will keep you on track and help you deal with your issues head on. 


This all sounds great but....